How To Contribute


Propose your own DIY Projects


It couldn't be easier:

  • Just open an account
  • Click on "Share a DIY Project/Creation"
  • Upload step-by-step pictures of the process and the final result
  • Write a short text describing the tools, materials and the steps on how to do it.

After it is validated by the Blue-Team, your Creation will appear in the topic "DIY projects". If your Creation is completely new and the Blue-Team notices likes it, you can turn it into an official page, which will need to be validated by the Blue-Team.  

Share your own Interpretations


You can also post your version of a tutorial shown on Bulb in Blue created based on the BlueTeam's imaginations: 

  • Pick a picture of the result
  • Add some comments and tips for other BlueSurfers
  • Post it directly on the page of the tutorial or by clicking on “Share a DIY project/Interpretation”