Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct is part of the Terms and Conditions of the website They are therefore obligatory for all users of this website.
Date of last revision 19th May 2010.

Rules for appropriate behavior:

1. Remain courteous in all situations.
2. Never post shocking contributions (in text or pictures).
3. Respect the opinions of others, especially the creativity and personal taste of all users. Bear in mind to give constructive comments and not only judgements. (Criticism is easy, but art is difficult.)
4. Do not start or participate in heated discussions which bring forth insults, threats and/or accusations.
5. Pay attention to your style, grammar and punctuation and avoid using text-messaging or abbreviated statements/words.
6. Don’t abuse writing in capital letters as they might appear aggressive.

The following rules concern French law. You are legally obligated to obey these rules.

It is forbidden to:
1. To glorify crimes against humanity and/or to defend National Socialism.
2. To deny the existence of genocides.
3. To call for xenophobia or use racist expressions.
4. To defend violence or to provoke violence.
5. To defend murder or to request murder.
6. To publish obscene expressions.
7. To commit any type of harassment.
8. To induce child pornography.
9. To commit any type of character assassination.
10. To threaten, insult, abuse or blackmail someone.
11. To intrude on someone’s privacy.
12. To violate human dignity.
13. To commit pedophilia.
14. To discriminate someone for ethnic or religious reasons, or because of his/her social situation, appearance or sexual leanings.
15. To publish insulting comments.
16. To commit procuration.
17. To induce tobacco, alcohol, and/or drug consumption.
18. To publish disclaiming comments.
19. To publish contents contrary to common etiquette.
20. To publish tutorials for explosives.
21. To tempt underaged persons to put themselves in danger.
22. To diffuse inaccurate news.
23. To question the authority of justice.
24. To make fun of the listed points.
25. To give innuendos to secret information, in all respects, such as information involving elections, pending actions, or information concerning the law of property or a third person.
26. To commit internet piracy or to encourage it. To publish information about how to commit internet piracy, to spread viruses or trojan horses or any activity aiming at disturbing the functionality of the website.
27. To disregard the quotations of authors, and extracts, to commit violence against the rights of intellectual property (in the form of music, videos, animations, games, databases, images, texts, software, tones, or songs), and to ignore others' rights of ownership.
28. To log in with someone else’s user name, or to pretend to be someone else or a staff member.
29. To copy a private correspondence and to publish it on the website (Right to Privacy).
30. To publish an advertisement in a commercial manner.
31. To send spam emails.
32. To use an account on Bulb in Blue to diffuse logos or banner ads.