Pop-up book

Pop-up book  Learn how to make a pop-up book  : 

Learn how to make a pop-up book



The pop-up book technique brings out the third dimension in an image. Simply folding a cut part of the sheet both ways brings out an element of the image. With the drawing or pieces stuck on it, this fold gives volume to the ensemble.



  • Pencils
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Scissors
  • Cartoon paper
  • Take a sheet and fold it in half lengthways.

  • Trace 2 straight lines on the fold, less than or equal in length to half of it. Cut them.

  • Open the paper and fold it in the other direction, with the fold towards you, by pushing the cut part with your finger. 

  •  Fold your card again as you first did by keeping the cut part inside. Mark out all of your folds.


  • Unfold your card in the right direction. The fold has therefore been made.

  • Draw the main dessign on both the card (in this case the body) and on the other section (the feet) to give it depth. 

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