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Perler Beads  Technique of hama beads  : 

Remember those magical perler bead creations you made as a child? They're back! If you're young enough to not remember these, then you had better discover them - perler beads (also known as fuse beads or Hama beads) are so much fun! Using perler beads you can create a  huge variety of patterns which can then be made into funky coasters, picture frames, keychains, magnets, original gifts, Christmas tree ornaments...the possibilities are endless! Perler beads are not expensive and make a great activity for a rainy day - simple enough that even young kids can try, just make sure an adult is around to help with the iron!

  • Iron
  • Tweezers
  • Perler beads
    • also called fuse beads or Hama beads
    • standard perler beads are about 0,5 cm in diameter: you can also buy 'biggie beads' for kids, these are about double the size and are easier to hold.
  • Ironing paper
    • One sheet can be used multiple times.
  • Peg board
    • these come in all sorts of shapes and sizes
    • 'biggie beads' do not fit on a standard peg board, you must use a 'biggie bead' peg board. 
  • Optional: pattern

All supplies are available at craft stores, toy stores or online


2D Perler beads creations

  • Pre-heat the iron to medium heat.
  • If using a template, place this under the peg board.
  • Use tweezers to poisition perler beads on the peg board, either following the pattern or free-styling.
  • When you have finished the design, cover with ironing paper.
  • Move the iron in circular motions for about 15 seconds until the beads are fused together.
  • Allow to cool.
  • Remove the peg board and turn the design over.
  • Cover with ironing paper and iron the other side, again for about 15 seconds.
  • This video shows how to place the beads onto a hexagonal peg board with a Christmas candy cane pattern:

This video shows how to iron the pattern:

3D Perler beads creations

  • Create a 2D perler bead creation as explained above.
  • NB: for 3D creations, only iron for about 10 seconds, as overly-fused beads are difficult to put together.
  • Simply glue the two 2D creations together with a dab of PVA glue.
  • Some 3D creations can be made through the 'tab and slot' method, in which case glue is not required. This means you must co-ordinate the 2D pieces to ensure that tabs will fit into slots.

Add glitter to your perler beads

  • To add glitter to your perler bead creation, simply sprinkly fine glittler onto the beads before ironing. 

To repair a perler bead creation

  • If your perler bead creation snaps, put it back together in the peg board.
  • Cover with ironing paper.
  • Iron in circular motions along the crack for about 15 seconds: this should fuse the two broken parts back together.
  • For more information, watch the video:

  • Perler beads are not edible! Ensure small children are not left unattended with them.
  • Find lots of great patterns here.
  • Why not attach a magnet, key chain or hanging hook to give your perler bead creation a practical function as well?
  • Bear in mind that 'biggie beads' take about 20-30 seconds to fuse together, so allow a little more time when ironing them.

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