Cushion Cover with braided effect



Cushion Cover with braided effect How to get textural effect for a cushion cover

Sewing Tutorial : braided effect for a cushion cover

This surprisingly easy technique gives textural interest to plain furnishing fabrics. Use it to create impressive cushion covers and home décor.

The tutorial only explains how to create the braided texture. Use the finish piece to create a cushion cover or bag etc.

  • Needle
  • Fabric
  • Strong thread
  • On the wrong side of the fabric, draw a grid pattern made of either 1, 2 or 2.5 cm squares depending on how tight you want the braids to appear and the thickness of your fabric.

  • On the odd rows, draw a line diagonally on every second square (ie from top left bottom to bottom right).

  • On the even rows, draw diagonal lines in the opposite direction (ie from top right to bottom left)  and below the blank squares from the row above.

  • On the wrong side of the fabric, catch a corner of a marked square with a small stitch.

  • Following the direction of your line, catch the opposite corner with a second small stitch.

  • Pull the thread tight and make a knot after each square.

  • Repeat the process following all the diagonal lines in both directions.



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