Tiger Mask

Tiger Mask  Craft for kids

The tiger is the king of the jungle… and snoozing! Wake up the wild cat and get him ready to celebrate with this tiger mask. Young kids will love it, especially the braver ones!
Print, cut out and put the tiger mask together in just a few minutes and you’re ready for a birthday, a festival, a masked ball… roar!

  • Colour printer
  • Scissors
  • Stanley knife
  • Elastic
  • Sheets of stiff card
  • Glue

To download the tiger mask, click on the image:


To help the mask last the distance while you party, glue the image onto stiff card first and cut it out with a cutter.


Gwendo ( Amateur crafter )

Poupées Gwendoline


Discover his/her BlueSpace >>> Gwendo



Saint Nazaire

Discover his/her BlueSpace >>> Mihiata

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