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Needle cushion  Free sewing pattern


 When sewing needles get lost, they prick you when you least expect it! As they’re so thin and almost invisible, it’s hard to know where to put them. This sashiko Japanese-inspired needle cushion will help you to keep an eye on them! The word ‘sashiko’ means ‘little pricks’ in Japanese.


  • 21 x 42 cm (8.4 x 16.8 inches) indigo cotton
  • 18 x 18 cm (7.2 x 7.2 inches) red felt
  • White embroidery cotton
  • Red embroidery cotton
  • White pompom
  • Marine blue thread
  • Tracing paper
  • Pins
  • Sheet of color transfer paper  

Transfer the template of the needle cushion 

  • Copy out the outline and patterns of the template on tracing paper.
  • Place it in the center of the 21 x 21 (?) square of fabric:
    • fix it with pins.
  • Take a sheet of color transfer paper:
    • slide it in between the tracing paper and the fabric.
  • Use a large needle or hole- punch to trace out the pattern onto the fabric.

  • Place the part which is to be embroidered on a hard surface and hold the fabrics.

Embroider the needle cushion

  • Use a very consistent straight stitch on the entire “scale” pattern with white cotton.

  • Embroider the 4 center hearts with a satin stitch with the red cotton.

  • Embroider the other hearts with a satin stitch and straight stitch, mostly with the red cotton.
  • Make the trellises with a straight stitch with the white cotton.

Assemble the needle cushion 

  • Do a tacking stitch around the outline of the needle cushion
  • Cut out the outline:
    • Add 0.5 - 1 cm (0.2 – 0.4 inches) for sewing
  • Cut out a second identical piece from the indigo-colored fabric
  • Cut out the first template in the red felt:
    • reduce the template by 1.5 cm (0.6 inches) all the way around. 


  • Place the 2 indigo pieces together side by side
  • Sew with a straight stitch:
    • follow the tacking stitching:
    • leave an opening so that the ensemble can be opened. 


  • Crimp all the way around, especially in the corners to avoid tugging once the ensemble is turned right side out
  • Iron and turn the work right side out
  • Sew a pompom onto the bottom of the diamond, which corresponds to the center of the needle cushion. 

  • Iron the cushion again:
    • ensure that the roundness of the needle cushion is well-defined
  • Place the felt onto the center of the non-embroidered side of the cushion
  • Sew on the felt
  • Close the opening with slip-stitching.
  • Make a small straight stitch at the edge of the needle cushion.
  • Fold the needle cushion in half and iron it.
  • Bring in the sides in order to make a fan
  • Iron the needle cushion again to define the folds. 

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