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Party Tray  Party Ideas: how to decorate a party tray

How do take a simple wooden tray and transform it into party tray? Well using some paper, a bit of varnish and some pearls, your modest tray can become as dressed up for any occasion, especially Christmas and New Year's parties.

  • Iron
  • Paintbrush 
  • Wooden tray
  • Napkins
  • White ribbon (the length of the perimeter of the bottom of the tray)
  • Small golden brown crimps 
  • Cultured pearls
  • Iron thread the length of the tray
  • Varnish
  • Glues:
    • Super glue to stick the pearls together
    • Varnish glue to stick the paper to the bottom of the tray
    • Fabric glue for the white ribbon
    • Glue gun to stick the pearls to the tray

Decorate the base of the party tray

  • Varnish the tray and let it dry. 

  • Iron the napking to get rid of creases.

  • Stick the napkin to the bottom of the tray with the varnish glue.

  • Leave to dry.

Decorate the edge of the party tray

  • Slide the first goup of pearls onto the iron thread in the following order:

    • 1 crimp,
    • 1 cultured pearl,
    • 1 crimp.
  • Stick the pearls together and to the iron thread.

  • Continue this, spacing out the groups of pearls, until you reach the end of the iron thread

  • Stick the pearls on the edge of the handles, using a glue gun. Make sure your keep the thread tight between the groups of pearls.

  • Do the same thing for the other handle of the tray.

  • Stick the white ribbon to the inside edges of the tray using a glue gun.

  • Leave to dry.


KittyKrea ( Amateur crafter )

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KiT-Ty Krea


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