Small Satchel

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Small Satchel  How to make a small satchel

This small fabric satchel is perfect for young children who want to carry about their toys.

  • 2 rectangles of matching or identical fabric 90 x 60 cm
  • 1 rectangle 34 x 20 for the pocket
  • 1 rectangle of sticky-back plastic. NB : you can replace the sticky-back plastic and the smaller fabric rectangle by a rectangle of coated fabric
  • 10 cm velcro strip
  • 1 m strap (or an extra long lace)
  • Matching bias tape

Satchel pattern

  • Open out and draw around an old satchel onto the protective paper of the sticky-back plastic:
    • the front and back, the same at the front but extended for the flap
    • a long strip for the three closed sides (including the bottom) of the satchel (here 72 cm and 83 cm/ 28 inches and 33 inches)
    • 1 rectangle 34 x 20 cm (13 x 8 inches) for the pocket


  • Cut out the 3 pieces of sticky-back plastic leaving extra space for the seams. 
  • Iron the fabric chosen for the outside of the satchel.
  • Remove the protective paper and stick it onto the fabric.
  • Transfer the shapes of the pieces onto the lining fabric.
  • Cut out all the pieces and sew over them, including the plastic covered pieces.

NB : if you use fabric with a printed design, make sure that you arrange it the wrong way around for the back of the satchel so that the flap is the right way around.


  • Fold the fabric for the pocket to help position the Velcro.
  • Position it horizontally in the centre of the fabric and pin it.
  • Sew it.
  • Mark a hem 0,5 cm (0.2 inches) at each end, right sides facing, folded down the middle.
  • Sew the two small sides of the pocket.

  • Turn the pocket inside out and sew it onto the front of the satchel.

Satchel assembly

  • Pin and sew the long strip right sides to the front of the satchel.

  • Create the lining by doing the same with the long strip and the two sides (front and back of the lining).
  • Fix on the straps:
    • at the bottom, the two ends are held by the stitching of the back and the long strip
    • at the top, make the handle and stitch the top of each strap (several times)

  • Sew the long strip to the back of the satchel (with the strap ends).
  • Turn the satchel inside out and put in the lining.
  • Stick on the other piece of Velcro to the flap, this time vertically, and such that it meets with the Velcro on the pocket, allowing for the flap to be adjusted when closed.
  • Sew it.

Finishing touches

  • Cut a length of bias tape enough for the length of the flap and the top of the pouches.
  • Pin the bias tape and fold it so that it straddles the edges.

  • Sew it.

  • Keep the designed pattern to make another mini satchel.

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