Halloween Treat Bag

Beginner - Less than 1 hour -


Halloween Treat Bag  Halloween craft: Halloween treat bag

Give your little goblins a unique trick-or-treat bag made by you!  The perfect touch to any spooky costume. Have fun!

  • Black Sharpie pens (felt tip and thin tip)
  • Glue stick
  • Plain grey gift bag
  • Die cuts
  • Black, white and yellow cardstock

Card Stock

  • Draw ghosts on the white card stock and cut them out.
  • Draw a top hat, a bat and a haunted house on the black card stock and cut it out.
  • Draw a moon and window light from the yellow card stock, cut them out.


  • Arrange the haunted house, cat, moon, bat and ghosts and glue.
  • Glue the bottom half of the ghosts so the top parts can stick out from the bag.
  • Glue the cat except for its tail.
  • Draw in the word BOO in sharpie
  • Draw small bats

  • This can make for a great wine bag design if carrying a bottle to a Halloween supper. 

phyllisdobbs ( Profesionnal crafter )

Phyllis Dobbs

Phyllis Dobbs


Discover his/her BlueSpace >>> phyllisdobbs

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