Fimo Leaf

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Fimo Leaf  How to make a leaf bead in fimo

Add a creative touch to jewelry or clothes by making this beautiful Fimo Leaf. A bracelet charm or button can be easily crafted from this polymer clay; use different colored clay to make a Fimo Leaf for each season!


  • Thick needle

  • Tooth-pick

  • Cooking tray

  • Cooking oven

  • Tablecloth to protect the workspace

  • Green polymer clay

  • Form a green ball of clay and flatten it out.

  • Stretch it out by pulling on either end of the shape.

  • Trace the veins of the leaf with the needle.

  • Make a vertical hole through the leaf with the tooth-pick.

  • Polymer clay can stain your hands. After using colorful clay, be sure to wash you hands to avoid stains on the other colors as well.
  • To make holes, use a toothpick or a large needle.
  • After having finished a button or a bead, immediately place it on a baking pan.
  • Follow the instructions for baking. Fimo polymer clay cooks at 110° for 30 minutes. 

Isastuce ( Amateur crafter, Grade school teacher )



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Boston/ Paris

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