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Toy Plane  Fun for kids: how to make a toy plane

Building a recycled toy plane from cardboard is so easy and great fun for kids. 

An innovative way to awaken the creative genius in everyone. Use your imagination to customise: you can use different building supplies, or try new colours or patterns it's all about being inventive!  This toy plane is an original idea for party decoration or just a way to spend a rainy afternoon.

  • Cutter 
  • Pencil
  • Glue (if you want to fix some of the parts together)
  • Paper towel tube
  • Cereal box or cardboard
  • Masking tape
  • Blue tape (to customize)
  • 6 bendy straws
  • A small paper cup 

Make the pieces for the toy plane

  • Take a cereal box or cardboard, some tape, a few straws and a cardboard tube.


  •  Cut out the wings and the tail.

  •  Cut four rectangles the same size, around 1.5 ' by 3.5 ' in size then trim the sides.


  • Make the propeller by punching six holes on the side, near the bottom of the paper cup then, make a small hole in the center of the bottom of the cup, slightly bigger than a straw. 


Asseemble the toy plane

  • Insert the bendy straws into the holes and trim them.


  • Wrap some tape around one end and insert through the hole on the bottom of the cup. Add tape to hold it.


  • Cut out propellor of an old cereal box. Punch a hole in the center of it. Make sure your hole is bigger than your straw propeller shaft. Now drop your propeller on and see if it spins!


  • Wrap some tape around the straw that makes up your propeller shaft. Make sure it can spin. Place it on the front of your Biplane.


  • Add masking tape on the engine assembly and wing struts, along with a strip on the wing flap ends.


  • Tape the fuselage or main body onto bottom wing, carefully tape all four wing struts in place



  • Connect the tail section. First tape your tail to the tail wing, then carefully mark and cut three slots out for tail assembly to slide into on the fuselage


Finishing touches to the toy plane

  • Add more details, some decals made by drawing a circle onto masking tape. coloured a "#1" and accent it with red and yellow markers, finally cut them out and tape them onto the tail and top wing


  • Add some wheels onto the Biplane

  • Add some pontoons for landing on water. If you'd like to see how to make pontoons, this project

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