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Chimes  Craft How tos: chimes

Make your own chimes with several recycled objects and some little bells.  A decorative object to put in a child's room, above the door of a store front, the outside of a fence or in a garden: it's up to you to find the perfect place to hear your chimes sing!

  • Mini drill
  • 4 curtain rings with 1 of them being thicker
  • 1 napkin ring
  • 5 small bells
  • 5 beads
  • 1 large wooden bead
  • Nylon thread
  • Hollow scoubidou thread

Prepare the parts of the chimes

  • Pierce the rings and the napkin ring:
    • The thick ring will be the support- it will be pierced with 2 holes qui se font face de part et d'autre
    • 1 hole for eahc of the 3 remaining rings
    • 1 hole for the napking ring
  • Cut the pieces of the nylon thread and fix the bells on one of the extremities and make a loop closed by the beads.



Assemble the chimes

  • Thread the scoubidou threads on to the nylon ones to bring a splash of color (and to avoid the disentangling at the end of the day).
  • Pass the scoubidou thread that to attach the chime onto the 2 holes in the large ring. 



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