Boat Button

Beginner - Less than 1 hour -


Boat Button  Fimo clay - how to make a boat button

A cute fimo boat button that will sit proudly on your clothes with its striped chimney and 2 white portholes.

  • Thick needle
  • Tooth pick
  • Cooking tray (or plate)
  • Oven
  • Placemat to cover the work area (or tablecloth)
  • Polymer clay in white, blue and red
  • Model a V from a flattened ball of polymer clay.
  • Make 2 small red balls and 2 small white balls.
  • Stack the layers together to make the ship's funnel.
  • Male 2 small white balls and stick them onto the boat.
  • Attach the funnel.
  • Pierce 2 holes with the tooth pick through the white portholes.


Isastuce ( Amateur crafter, Grade school teacher )



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